Sunday, September 23, 2012

On the Subject of Me (Part 1)

Here is a quick "unfinished" self-portrait.

"Unfinished Self-Portrait", 2012

20" x 16", oil on canvas

Monday, September 10, 2012

Venture Compound Art Show

I almost forgot to mention that I have a couple paintings for sale at the Venture Compound's latest art show. The Venture Compound is an underground alternative venue/art gallery/record store/DIY artspace in the scenic warehouse district of South St. Pete. The opening for the art show is tomorrow night! All artwork at the show is priced at or below $50. How low can I go? To what depths will this shitty economy drive me? Would you pay $50 for a couple of my old pieces? We shall see. I might even have some cheap prints available if I get ambitious and get my ass to Kinko's before the show.

The art show is called "We Fucking Forgot". Here is a description from the show's facebook page:

September 11th is about remembering the past. The "We Fucking Forgot" show at The Venture Compound is about looking toward the future. Gone are the days where people have an extra 700 dollars to spend on an art piece. Most art at The Venture Compound can be purchased for between 5 and 50 dollars. This September 11th, forget politics. Come and check out some awesome art by some of Tampa Bay's most persistent artists. I love you.

The Venture Compound
2621 Fairfield Ave. South
St. Petersburg FL 33712
September 11, 2012
Runs all month
Viewings by appointment or at events

Also, the Pangaea Project No.31 will be happening at the Venture Compound in conjunction with this art opening.
Here is cool time lapse video of Brad Kokay and his friends hanging the pieces for the show:

And my friend Hal Harmon's band Vasectomy Party will be one of the bands performing tomorrow night in conjunction with the art show opening.

See you there!